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What is the most effective travel solution for your company? Should you consider using a business aircraft, changing to a different corporate aircraft, chartering, buying fractional shares or block hours? Do you have the best arrangements in place with your travel providers? Is travel by commercial air carrier the best solution? Do you really know the costs and benefits to your company involved with each option over the short and long term?

Take a closer look at your travel. We provide comprehensive corporate travel analysis complete with recommendations for the most effective business travel solution for you and your company. For more companies than realize it, using a business aircraft makes sense, even for a portion of a Company's travel, and can produce results that translate to the bottom line.

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Understanding the Value of Using Corporate Aircraft

Understanding Value

If you already use business aircraft, whether the aircraft is owned and operated by the Company or chartered from an air charter service, you know how much time can be saved and how effective "being there" promptly to meet the needs of a customer, close a sale, or avert an unexpected problem can be. Nevertheless, the true benefits of owning or operating business aircraft, whether a long-range business jet, a smaller jet, or a turboprop, are not always clearly understood. Nor are the benefits readily quantified in a way that makes sense to both shareholders and the board of directors.

There are Many Corporate Aircraft Options Available

Considering Options

As a company's operations change and grow, periodically it becomes necessary to review operations and assess if the choices made in the past still serve the corporation's needs today. If you already own or operate corporate aircraft, is/are the aircraft in your fleet still the best solution for corporate travel needs? The process begins with developing an updated flight profile, but with so many different business aircraft and ownership choices available today, both new and used, there are many options to consider and assess.

Which is the Right Aircraft for Your Needs and Objectives?

Focusing on the Mission

Identifying the right aircraft to meet the Corporation's current and anticipated needs can make a considerable difference in the costs involved and the value that the Company receives from the aircraft it uses. Tuning the Company's travel policy to enhance effective use of its aircraft can also maximize the shareholder value of using corporate aircraft. But in order to do this, you need to be able to demonstrate these benefits to key decision-makers. Avicor Aviation International works closely with you to provide you with the material, support and information you need.

Corporate Travel Analysis

Your Best Solution

Based on the travel assessment of your Company, we will let you know which business aircraft, or combination of aircraft, and commercial travel are right for you. For some companies corporate aircraft are not the most effective solution. More often though, the best solution does involve corporate aircraft to some degree---either owned, leased, chartered, or shares of a business aircraft. Our objective is not to sell you an aircraft; it is to identify the most suitable and cost effective solution for your Company, given your specific needs and requirements.

More Information

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