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Whether it is your first acquisition or one of many, for your company or yourself, Avicor Aviation International is committed to providing you with the aircraft to satisfy both your needs and requirements. As part of your team, Avicor Aviation International looks out for your best interests throughout the acquisition process in every transaction. It is in our best interest to serve your best interest.

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Successful Transactions

Avicor will work with you from aircraft selection through to getting you flying


Purchasing an aircraft is a substantial investment, and as with any sizeable transaction, attention to detail is required. Throughout the entire process our team is focused: from matching your needs and requirements to the right aircraft, pre-purchase inspections through negotiating and closing the deal, and assisting you in securing management arrangements or in setting up your flight department.

From Citations to Gulfstreams, Challengers to Falcons


Our team is experienced in the full range of corporate jets and business aircraft. From turboprops and light business jets; from mid-sized corporate aircraft to long-range executive jets; we work directly with individuals and corporations in the process of acquiring and replacing aircraft, both new and used.

Buying a Corporate Jet


At Avicor Aviation International, we work with many clients who are busy running their business or enjoying their lives. Their schedules are already full. We work with you to achieve your goals, facilitating the acquisition process, adding a buffer from unnecessary calls, providing confidentiality, addressing and coordinating details, to ensure a successful transaction.

Avicor Aviation is the Right Choice for Your Aircraft Acquisition

The Right Choice

Our knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, the many choices of aircraft and changing market values can save you considerable money---both in the initial purchase and down-the-road, with respect to operational issues, maintenance considerations, and in the resale of the aircraft. Make the right choice and contact us to discuss your acquisition.

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Call us today at 1.604.948.0094 or 1-800-563-2359 to discuss your aircraft acquisition needs and how we can put our many years of experience and knowledge to work for you. Or complete the form below or email us at and we will contact you at a time that is convenient for you.

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